Why is the Windows 11 File Explorer address bar not updating with the correct folder path when browsing in a SOLIDWORKS PDM File Vault?

Created by Patrick Klein, Modified on Tue, 11 Jun at 2:46 PM by Patrick Klein

This issue can affect Windows 11 client systems after a Windows update.


An affected system fails to display the folder names in the address bar when you navigate within the vault view.


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The SOLIDWORKS PDM 2024 SP01 and following releases corrects this issue.


General Hotfixes (HF) are available for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2024 SP0.1, SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 SP05, and SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 SP05.


The hotfix is a client-side update for affected Windows 11 systems. To update clients that are in an older version or service pack, upgrade the client to a version that supports the applicable hotfix.


To see the installed client version, click the logged in user icon and select About.

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Install instructions

  1. Download the attached hotfix file.
    • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2024 SP0.1 client, use SWPDM2024SP0.1_HF1181214_Hotfix.zip.
    • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 SP5 client, use SWPDM2023SP05_HF1181214_Hotfix.zip.
    • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 SP5 client, use SWPDM2022SP05_HF1181214_Hotfix.zip.
  2. Close all open applications, right-click the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon in the notification area and select Exit.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file to a local folder.
  4. Right-click “HotFix_HF1181214.bat” and select Run as administrator.
  5. Follow the instructions in the prompt.