Reset SWX user profiles

Created by Helmut Reiterer, Modified on Fri, 24 May at 1:12 PM by Helmut Reiterer

In the event of various problems with SOLIWORKS, it may be necessary to reset the user profile. 


To do this you should carry out the following steps:


1: [Optional] Save the settings via assistant


    Start the settings wizard

  • from the “Tools 20xx” folder




  • or directly from SWX 

  • Select “Save Settings”



  • Select the location and desired settings and click “Finish”




2. Rename the entries in the registry


These steps should only be carried out by authorized persons!!!



Incorrectly editing the registry can seriously damage the system.

Technical Support strongly recommends backing up your registration data before making any changes.





  • Open the registry editor


  • Rename the following folder (e.g. …_old), DO NOT delete: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 20xx 


  • Do not name the parent folder, otherwise other SOLIDWORKS components (PDM,…) will also be reset.





  • confirm the “User License Agreement” as SOLIDWORKS creates a new user here. 
  • SOLIDOWRKS will now create a new registry folder for your version with the default settings.



4. Test and finalize


  • Test the behavior of SOLIDWORKS
  • If everything is to your satisfaction, you can set up your settings again and continue working.