Installation Guide SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL)

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1. FAQ about installing a network license

2. Download of the software

3. Install Network License Manager

4. Using the Network License Manager 

5. Working with the Network License Manager

6. Client installation

7. Windows Defender Firewall ports exception

1. FAQ about installing a network license

  • Which products are eligible for SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager (SNL)?

SOLIDWORKS CAD, SWX Simulation, SWX FlowSimulation, SWX Plastics, SWX PDM, SWX Manage, SWX Composer, SWX Visualize, SWX Inspection, SWX MBD, SWX Electrical, SWX PCB, SWX CAM, DraftSight Enterprise

  • What is a SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager?

The license manager takes care of distributing licenses for the individual users according to their needs.

  • Where can the SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager be installed?

This is usually installed on a suitable server (in exceptional cases it can also run on a computer in the network).

!!! Important !!!

Note the system requirements for the SOLIDWORKS server products.

  • Are older SOLIDWORKS versions also supported by the SNL Manager?

 Yes, the versions of the server and all older versions are always supported.


  • More questions?

More answers to frequently asked questions at:




2. Download of the software


In order to be able to download the installation data, you must either be logged in as a user admin or have received the rights to do so from the user admin. These settings can only be managed by the user admin.

If you have the required rights, you only need to go to the SOLIDWORKS homepage and you can access the versions available to you under the Download item at the bottom of the page.


  • Visit the SOLIDWORKS website:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Download

  • Click Login

  • You can log in here with both your SOLIDWORKS ID and your 3DEXPERIENCE ID

  • You come to the download page from which you can download the desired version of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

The SNL is usually installed in the latest available version with the current SP, since it can also be used to manage older licenses


Note that your system meets the requirements of this SOLIDWORKS version


system requirements


3. Install Network License Manager


  • Running the Installation Manager


Initially, only an installation manager is downloaded from the SOLIDWORKS website. This is located in your download folder under the name "SolidWorksSetup.exe".


Info: It is recommended to disable the virus scanner during the installation or download of SOLIDWORKS products.


  • Defining the Installation Type


Start the installation manager with administrator rights.

Select the SolidNetWork License Manager here.


  • Enter serial number


Enter your serial number under "Enter SolidNetWork License serial number" and possibly the installation location.

In the following overview you could change the installation location and the download options. Usually the default presets are used.


  • Start installation


4. Using the Network License Manager 

  • Starting the SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

This can be called up via the Windows Start menu


  • Activating the License


At the first start you will be prompted to activate the license. Click on "Yes" to carry out the activation.


The computer name and connection numbers (ports) are displayed under Server information. Even if no firewall is active, it is recommended to leave the option "A firewall is activated on this server" selected.


The license must now be activated on the SOLIDWORKS server. It is recommended to activate automatically via the Internet. If you do not have Internet access on the server/computer, the license can also be activated manually by email.


Activation is completed with "Finish".


5. Working with the Network License Manager

  • Server administration

After activation, the server starts automatically and the Start button is grayed out.


Under Modify, the license could be returned to the SOLIDWORKS server when changing servers.




This step must be carried out if the server is changed in the future, otherwise the license will remain on the old server.


  • License Use


The number of licenses per product and the current use can be viewed under this tab.



6. Client installation


Now the installation of your SOLIDWORKS products can take place on the clients. Make sure that the clients can also establish a connection to the server.

Network License Manager address is 25734@<'myServer'> or 25734@<'IP address'>.

  • Communication problem


A firewall is a common reason for communication failures.

Therefore, how to open the ports for Windows Defender Firewall is described in the following point.


7. Windows Defender Firewall ports exception


  • Advanced Settings


To allow the ports to be released, select the "Advanced settings" under Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.


  • Create a new rule


A new incoming and outgoing rule should now be created for the server and client.

(Since the steps for creating both rules are identical, they will be explained together below)


To do this, click on "New Rule".


  • Opening the Ports


  • Choose Ports.


  •  25734 and 25735 must be entered under "Specific local ports". These ports are the same for every SolidNetWork license.


  • Select "Allow the connection".


  • The settings for applying the rule depend on the network used.


  • The name of the rule can always be chosen individually. It is recommended to use a name that uniquely identifies the rule.